A Parent’s Guide to Sex After Divorce: Age Appropriate Explanations For Your Kids

Getting back to having sex after divorce is more than just creating a Tinder account and swiping till you find someone you like.

Sometimes there are kids to think of, and they might not like what you are doing.

Things with your kids will go smoother when you actually take the time to talk to them. That’s how you can help them used to the idea of you having sex after divorce – or at least they won’t be so traumatized if they accidentally surprise you in the middle of it!

But as anyone who’s ever tried talk to their kids about sex can tell you, it isn’t easy.

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Why we don’t get anything done on the holidays

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We have all said it at some point…

“Oh, not now, I will do that during the holidays.”

But when the holidays came, did it get done?

If you are like me, then over Christmas and New Year, or any other extended time off, there is always a list of things that you want to get done, and but inevitably nothing gets done.

I get that. It happens to me too….