A place where non-writers learn to unearth the story within.

Hi, I’m Kate.

I believe that there is a story buried within all of us.

I believe that with the right tools, we can cultivate our thoughts and allow them to flourish. They become fully formed and ready for the world.

I know that getting that idea to burst forth can be a struggle.

A real and significant struggle both to organise and compose our thoughts and also to master the discipline of doing the work when there is no one to compel you to follow through.

I’m not a natural writer. I am a teacher, I can teach Senior English. I love words and I love reading, but every time I try to write something of my own I get crushed by the soul-destroying anxiety that is perfectionism and procrastination. The twin evils that attack writers and creatives everywhere.

There is a mental battle too, I struggle to direct my mind on to the tasks I want to do. I know I have come a long way since I started this journey well over a year ago. I have done courses and joined facebook groups. But what I haven’t done is write. I’ve learned so much about the business except for how to write for the web, and how to know if it is any good.

I know there is a story in me. When I talk to people there is an abundance of value and sharing that we do. I know that others like me face the same problem of taking their regular abilities and making them work online.

So this is my accountability. To create a home where ideas are given life.

My ideas and yours.

Cheer me on as I figure out how to do this.